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Default Re: School Days

^ Yeah I watched Shigofumi a few months ago and enjoyed it. That show was definitely at it's best when it was being dark and twisted. There were a few of episodes that were just fantastic in that regard. It had it's lighter elements as well but even those episodes were enjoyable. I think out of everything the best moments for Shigofumi came in episode 6 when which focused on bullying, it had one of the best buildups and climaxes I've seen. The rest of the episodes were also good but that is the one episode I think exceeded everything else the show was able to do.
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Default Re: School Days

this was by far the most depressing WTF am I watching anime to date. Even though i saw this anime take the turn toward Heart Break Ridge i couldn't stop watching. By episode ten i knew it was going to end bad, but i kept hoping for that happy ending. As i am typing this i am extremely pissed off at Ito he could have avoided all of this by being straight forward with kotonoha and just dumped her in the begining she wouldn't have gone all crazy and been treated like garbage. In the end this anime pissed me off while also pulling on my emotions making me unmanly.
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