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Default Re: New theme ads

Originally Posted by BoSAnime View Post
Was about to say...

Well, as long as it's temporary, I'll be content ^^

I shall await Haruhi-sama's return lol
Hmm...earlier today, I saw her chillin over the black bar. Wonder what happened.
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Default Re: New theme ads

Didn't we go through something like this back around early v3? AIR, there were a lot of complaints about the theme ad replacing the normal site skin, but then a lot of people complained after it was gone, wanting it back.
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Default Re: New theme ads

It's gone now. Thank God. I didn't like the Crypt Keeper staring at me all the time...

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Default Re: New theme ads

I didn't even see it.

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Default Re: New theme ads

Sothis, I love anime planet. It is the single, greatest anime community I've ever joined and it's one I'd love to die alongside. The site, content, and members are just brilliant.

Do whatever you need to keep it up. I know that month after month, hundreds of dollars from a SINGLE bill is a bitch (especially with mortgage, car payments, electric bill, food, etc.). You just can't afford to pay four or five hundred out of pocket like that, it'll catch up to you. So if ads can pay, sure thing.

If you were to get sponsors, that might help you too (just a thought). Your site has grown very large and as a result, needs plenty of resources to keep steady.

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Default Re: New theme ads

Sorry to join this party late, but life has been keeping me pretty busy. Just a quick question: Does clicking the ADs support the site or do we only need to let them load? I have no issues disabling my ad blockers for the site if it will help.

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