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Default Re: Thinking of removing blog functionality

I have used chii's blogs plenty of times as references for watching orders and music videos. I think depreciate would be better then deleation.

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Default Re: Thinking of removing blog functionality

I like the blogs and the idea of blogs, but the truth is that I haven't gone back to update mine in a while, nor add to them. I second your idea that limited blogs are a bad idea. Promotes bad/sad feelings for the "have nots" (which, sadly, I feel I would be ...)

If the forum searchability and functionality allowed blog replacement, I say it would be best all around to remove them. Didn't realize that you had so much manual-intensive labor involved removing spam blogs. I volunteer to help weed out spam bots if blogs are kept or otherwise help where needed on the site (I'm on here nearly every day.)...


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Default Re: Thinking of removing blog functionality

Hmm, this is still being discussed?

I think the blogs should be removed. They are full of spam and cause a lot of unnecessary work. I think the removal would encourage the community to use the forums more. Forums are also a much better place to share your thoughts about anime and your daily thoughts.

I believe blogs aren't even used that much. At least I haven't come across useful, good blogs besides Chii's blog, which is the only one I used and that's only for some obscure titles (usually shorts). But even Chii's blog isn't perfect as it doesn't have all "hard to find" titles and thus I usually end up searching for them myself anyway.

I wrote a few blog posts, but ended up removing them as they didn't have any real content in them. Just some random thoughts that netted a couple of comments at their best. If it is like this to all the others who use blogs, I strongly recommend getting rid of the blog system. The cons are greater and more numerous than pros.

Well, that's just my two cents.

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Default Re: Thinking of removing blog functionality

i personally believe chii's stuff is extremely valuable, but it will fit very well in the 'one subforum for an anime' thing we're moving towards with the new forum software. stuff like suggested orders can be stickied, places to view (for music videos/etc) could be stickied, etc

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Default Re: Thinking of removing blog functionality

I have a few blogs that I hope to move. We will be given a time to get them moved I am assuming.
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