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Default Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

On Anime-Planet, our goal is to make your lives as easy as possible. This includes being able to update your episode counts as soon as you watch an episode. While we don't plan on automating the process of increasing series' ep counts (since we want to ensure an episode actually aired, for your sake), We're looking to get a bigger team of volunteers onboard to help update episode counts faster and with better coverage. The ideal team size would be at least 10-15 people, organized into groups/projects to ensure the best coverage.

Check out the mod expectations to give you an idea of ideal candidates:

Moderator expectations

  1. Keeps up to date on all ongoing series, not just titles the moderator is personally watching. Anime moderators help ensure that everyone on the site can update their lists, so the job is uber important, and it's uber important that all series are treated equally.

  2. Has ample, ongoing free time. If someone has a few weeks of downtime at the moment or sporadic periods off and on, this isn't the right position. Of all tasks on the site, users expect to be able to update their lists the fastest. It's critical that we have a highly active, large team that can update entries as quickly as possible. Taking a break once in awhile (super hard finals, you're on vacation, etc) is totally fine - but that should be the edge case, not the norm.

  3. Is willing to participate in groups that will be formed to ensure maximum coverage (not sure what these will be yet, but as an example, there may be a small group of people who check [site x] in the morning, and a small group that checks [site y] in the evening)

  4. Is highly active and responsive in the 'anime errors' thread. If the team happens to miss something, users post about it in that thread. It's important that we get these posts taken care of as quickly as possible. All episode moderators are expected to read/respond/participate in this thread any time there is a new post (for example, by turning on email notifications)

  5. Is highly active and responds to each moderator thread. This parallels the character forum section, which has thrived due to this rule and understanding amongst all mods. In the mod section, we discuss issues, change guidelines when needed, make up new rules, call out titles that we think might be broken and need to fix, and generally give advice to each other. Also, if there are any breaking issues like a bug in the form or something important that we need to track down, it's posted in the moderator section. All episode moderators need to reply to any new thread that happens in the mod section, or any important posts that require discussion/feedback :)

  6. Is not a brand new member of the site. While this is a hard rule to have, it's important, as episode moderators have a lot of power with the moderator form and it can affect people's lists. We'd like a team of trustworthy folks that are dedicated to the site for this role, and unfortunately the only way we can judge 'trustworthyness' over the internetz is by looking at join date, active role in the community, etc.

The above might sound intimidating, but it's a tried and true set of qualifications that's working well for the active, thriving character moderator team. Our goal is to make sure you have good quality info/features, so we hold the moderators to that same level of quality, and that's why the level of participation is mandatory. So that the other mods can feel supported and so you can have the same sort of good experience, any moderators who go AWOL (don't respond in the mod section, never reply to the anime errors thread, are generally out of the limelight without it being a vacation/whatever) will be removed after period of time. However, the door is open to re-become a moderator later on :)

Interested? If so, and you fit all of the above qualifications, please reply to this thread (do NOT send me a PM, just reply here). I'll send potential candidates a PM with essentially the guide that moderators use when updating episodes, to make sure things make sense. Once everything checks out, you'll be added to the team and can get started.

Thanks for your help, and for helping AP be awesome ^_^

~your fearless leader, sothis

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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

If I can help, I would be glad to.
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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

I'd be happy to help out if you'll have me. :)

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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

I can help. :)
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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

I would help, but... uuuum... I'm scared

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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

I'm up for it.

I have ample experience being a moderator, global moderator, and admin of sites, wikis, and forums. I also have a lot of free time to spend on doing my duties and keeping an eye on the forums if any new threads are made and need a reply to.

I'll be looking forward to helping out around the site if you'll have me!
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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

I'd like to help if I can =D

More stuff
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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

I'll put my name into the hat, I haven't been active on the forum but I can certainly be more active since the job entails it and I visit the site more than once a day.
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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

I'll thrown my name into the mix. I always have a bit of free time and I stick around here a lot.
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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Now 'hiring', anime episode updaters ^_^

Im willing to give it a shot :)
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