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Narumon Z
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Default what is the name of this anime?

im trying to remember the name of this anime and for the life of me i cant remember. its about 12 or 13 episodes log about a group of girls that i think are sisters and the are witches. each witch has like a specific color to them. i think the youngest girl was green. i remember an orange witch too. its only 1 season and towards the end of the show they make a joke and say they might not get a chance at a 2nd season. that is the most memorable line of the anime b/c its was horrible. please help thanks

its not: strike witch, sailor moon, witch hunter robin, or tweeny witches.
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Default Re: what is the name of this anime?

all can you help me find??? goes here

and the more details you give the better chances of finding the show are...
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