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Default Tari Tari

Tari Tari

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Decided to check this one out mostly because it seemed to have both female and male characters in roughly equal amounts which can be surprisingly rare, but think I'll continue it, as well. It has a nice, fresh touch, all characters seem pretty personalized and non-recycled so far and the plot seems alright enough. A choir is something new, anyways...

Also, wouldn't want Konatsu as my sister.

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Default Re: Tari Tari

I liked this. Seems like it will be a mix of comedy and drama in even amounts. I liked all the characters as well, each one seems unique but ordinary, which is usually the best combination for a drama. I especially like the kid from Australia who learned Japanese customs from a formal guide written 100 years ago.
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Default Re: Tari Tari

Tari Tari looks promising so far. Sekai, Miyamoto and Aussie Boy seem interesting to me and I'm betting other characters can/will deliver as well.
Good thing all anime characters can sing amazingly.

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Default Re: Tari Tari

I liked the first episode quite a bit, I'll be watching this and hope to be able to continue watching it during my vacation too.

Konatsu's my pick for most liked character out of the bunch, but she got the most attention this episode so that could change later-on.

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Default Re: Tari Tari

Not what I was expecting... not quite sure what i was expecting, but it wasn't something good. Glad I was wrong. Really wrong! Love this show already... hope it stays good. Good humor and goal already set, looking forward to more!

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Default Re: Tari Tari

Wow. That was oddly entertaining. Especially the dude from Austria. I'm watching this.

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Default Re: Tari Tari

Once again why not, IŽll grab this...

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Default Re: Tari Tari

I enjoy the artwork, and the characters. The approach to them, I am tentative to say they will have depth as this is the first episode, it does seem to be more then the average show about a group of high school students.

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Default Re: Tari Tari

Thought first episode was pretty good, nice animation and gd VA's, hopefully good story to follow. Anyone else recognise they were singing Eufonious - Reflectia from True Tears :)

Also if anyone has a crunchyroll premium acc and can tell me how they have subbed the transfer students name that would help with the character addition. http://www.crunchyroll.co.uk/tari-ta...nviting-603781

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Default Re: Tari Tari

Liked it. Has a similar feeling to hanasaku iroha. both p.a. works, so it's rather expected. Great visuals again. Also, liked the blonde one, as well as other characters. Nice idea for a story too. Definitely keeping up with this one.
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