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Default Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

Synopsis, screenshots, recommendations ~ Add Recommendations

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This show has been out for awhile now, and looking for something new I gave it a try and for what it is, is pretty entertaining.

If you're looking for something else to add to your anime viewing, this is a fairly decent show IMHO.

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Default Re: Ghost Hunt

I'll second that vote. It is rather addicting in comparison to the lack luster ghost hunt shows of reality tv at the very least.

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Default Re: Ghost Hunt

Hmmm, might give it a try...

/me is still waiting for OP 215-218 ^____^
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Default Re: Ghost Hunt

Ahh.. I love this show, although I really have to collect the sets of episodes that tell the stories before I watch them. Very nice show and a lot of likable characters to boot.
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Default Re: Ghost Hunt

Indeed, very entertaining. The "bloodstained labyrith" story from eps 18-21 is the scariest, so far.
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Default Re: Ghost Hunt

The Cursed House is very suspenseful and intensed for me cause the characters have never been in so much trouble. Although the Bloodstained Labyrith was kind of creepy because of the graphic and the characters were actually in danger unlike previous cases I was more scared with the Doll House case.
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Default Re: * Ghost Hunt

I love Ghost Hunt!
The story was excellent, the characters great and the animation good.
I watched them a while ago now, but the last episode

I thought the ending was rather abrupt, and aparently to the manga and novels they left a lot out of the storyline - or rather didnt have enough episodes to explain it to its full extent! I'm planning on reading the manga and novels! but havent been able to hunt them down so far - although i have read a lot of spoilers!

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Default Re: Ghost Hunt *

Absolutely LOVED Ghost Hunt. Though I hear the novels covered a lot more than the anime did. However, I never really hear much about the anime, I don't assume it was received well. So I'm not holding out for a second series :(

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Default Re: Ghost Hunt

Just FYI,

Ghost Hunt is now available for watching on Hulu

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Default Re: Ghost Hunt

(Ever so) slowly restarting this. Just got done with "Ningyou no Ie." A rather enjoyable ride like I remembered from before. I read a bit of Akuryou in the past and found Ono's mysteries to be quite compelling in a way that is not obvious at first glance. The only hard part now is I would prefer to watch this show in chunks, and each chunk is 3-4 eps.
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