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Default Samurai Pizza Cats

Samurai Pizza Cats
(a.k.a. Kyattou Ninden Teyandee)

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Does anyone remember Samurai Pizza Cats? Ah, nostalgia. I happened upon a few episodes of this recently, and wondered where I could get the rest, since it was my favorite cartoon as a kid - and probably the first anime I ever saw.

Unfortunately I then realized that I couldn't get the rest, since apparently - well, as far as I can tell - the complete series was never put on DVD or VHS. There's nowhere to buy it from and only a few episodes for download.

So, does anyone know whether Samurai Pizza Cats will ever be available again? I haven't even seen reruns of this show, now that I think about it. O.o What's the deal?

Edit: Actually there is a Samurai Pizza Cats DVD on amazon, but it is "currently unavailable" and contains only 5 episodes. I think there were 40-something or 50-something episodes total in the series.

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Default Re: Samurai Pizza Cats

Not me but they sure sound funny at least the name does ^_^, what or rater when and where did they use to show it at.
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Default Re: Samurai Pizza Cats


I remembered it few days ago...started humming the intro song...friends just looked at like I was crazy...nostalgia for sure...

As far as your problem is concerd, can't help u much, it's a kiddy series so I don't take much interest in it...
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Default Re: Samurai Pizza Cats

I love the name - I wanna see it. Do you think it's harder to find kiddie series'? I think so because people who are really serious about collecting and preserving these things aren't kids. So sad.
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Default Re: Samurai Pizza Cats

I used to watch them until I was 5 years old and I moved. That robot they had was awsome...go Pizza!

May be too much to handle
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Default Re: Samurai Pizza Cats

I like the fact that Samurai Pizza Cats had pretty much nothing to do with the original series it is based off of (in terms of video material). :D
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Default Re: Samurai Pizza Cats

samuri pizza cats (the proper spelling) was indeed never released commerically and has no plans to be released as such

at one point in time i had about 2/3rds of the series and several raws from the original much better and more serious series (the last two episodes of the show were actually translated properly and are much more indicitive of the real show over the rest of the stuff where they cut and pasted sceans and made up text)
I am so old.
Best thread ever.
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Default Re: Samurai Pizza Cats

anyone who ever saw this show, it definitely leaves a impression on you. even at random times that theme song will pop in my head and ill remember the days of younger times haha
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Default Re: Samurai Pizza Cats

LOVED Samurai Pizza Cats as a kid.

Watched it in Germany. Haven't seen it around in YONKS.

*Drifts off into nostalgia moment*
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Angry Re: Samurai Pizza Cats

A whole lot of garbage, I'd say!
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