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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Strawberry Panic

This is anime is one of the few good yuri animes because not many other animes are based just on yuri.
I started this series a while a ago, but I just stopped at around episode 20 because it got too sad about the koari bit >_< I started watching it today again and I've become quite fond of it again.
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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Strawberry Panic

I loved this anime it is one of my favorites ever. Maybe because I'm a sap for romance. Any kind really not just Shoujo-ai but all kinds!
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Default Re: Strawberry Panic

Originally Posted by chii View Post
so i started this a while ago and i'm up to ep 17 or something. the series didn't get interesting till the last part of ep 12 or 13 before that it was each episode revolving around ONE thing. Cleaning (in maid outfits of course), finding an umbrella, learning french, flowers.... *SNORE*

but once that turning point came in ep 12 or 13 the series got way more enjoyable for me. i'm afraid though that the ending of the series will disappoint... but at least the middle was good. lol
I've always been curious about the series. And so I come to the forums for that, so see what people have to say. The bulk of this thread is useless to me. This is the one post I found decently informative.

I've watched two episodes and all I have to show for it is an understand that Etoile is a very forceful girl. It's not very funny for an anime listed as comedy. :/

And if it's no good until episode 12 or 13 and the ending arc ruins everything, I might as well drop it now because it sounds like a total of 7 of 26 episodes are worth watching.
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