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Default Re: Simoun

Simoun, like other series (such as Revolutionary Girl Utena) is one in which the underlying meaning is more important than the actual events that take place. What you take away from it largely depends on you. One could see it as merely an anime about some mysterious ships piloted by young girls in a war. Or, it could be interpreted as a series speaking to the end of innocence. These are just examples. There is more that can be taken away from it, depending on which character you focus on. Of course, it isn't as exciting as "kill everything with big guns or big swords" anime. For that, I would suggest you go watch Bleach or something of that nature. However, Simoun takes a certain amount of thought and for those of you who enjoyed it, I would highly recommend watching it more than once.

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Default Re: Simoun

Perhaps but it still didn't tickle my fancy. Let me illustrate with an analogy how I experienced this show. It was like watching an epic action drama (Fullmetal Alchemist calibre) but with a beautiful painting blocking most of the screen. The painting is pretty and interesting but something even more interesting is happening behind and you can't see most of it and you are unable to remove the picture for a better view.

When i started watching this I expected politics, negotiations, diplomacy, tactical manoeuvring, battles, war drama with elements of science fiction and fantasy, since the description said there is a war going on in a world unlike our own. Instead there are just a couple depressed teenage girls on a floating ship talking about how horrible war is and what gender will they choose. In my opinion, boooooooring. It's like the creators chose a premise but then over time, probably trying to be original, contorted the story so much that it separated the premise and story almost into two completely different things.

I don't know why but it is kind of hard to explain why I didn't like it. I hope the above explanation was clear enough.
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