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Default Princess Princess

Princess Princess

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This is a new anime, I think that it is absolutely hilarious. It is about a boy who transfers into an all boys school, but the school has a weird "hime", or princess system. He and two other boys are forced to dress as girls to "add beauty" to the lives of the school's students.
It is shounen ai, however, the main characters themselves find the attentions of the male population of their school ridiculous. It is all about their grudging acceptance of their fates....It is sooo funny.

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Default Re: Princess Princess

Princess Princess was one of the first series I watched. A friend recommended it and I really enjoyed it. The manga was originally going to be very shonen-ai, but later on the mangaka decided against it. I've only read the first volume, so I don't know how closely the anime follows it, but so far it seems to stick true to the story.

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Default Re: Princess Princess

I seen this series. It was humorous. Have you ever watched Sukisho? That is on my
WTWL! I hope it is good.

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Thanks guys
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Default Re: Princess Princess

Princess Princess is good stuff.

I originally watched the anime thinking it was shounen-ai. I was surprised when I found out it wasn't, but not really disappointed. It's extremely funny and those boys are gorgeous. Even dressed as females, they're gorgeous.
And you gotta love all of their personalities. Especially Mikoto's. =)

The manga is really good, too. It's really similiar to the anime actually. But the artist is a real trip. Her afterwords and short stories are so funny. And she's got great talent.
I'd recommend this to almost any shoujo/comedy fan. ^_^
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Default Re: Princess Princess

I tried to watch this stuff, and it is everything but funny and good.
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Default Re: Princess Princess

Is this the movie or there are "Specials"?? http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pr...ncess-specials I really can't find where to watch and what, the special or the movie. I'm so confuse and searched for everything plus the DVDs without success

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