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Default How to Add or Edit Characters

1. Getting Started
2. Become a Moderator
3. Voice Actors
4. Minor Characters
5. Names
6. Image
7. URL Slug
8. Hair Color
9. Main/Secondary/Minor Relations for Anime/Manga
10. Main Anime and Main Manga
11. Tags
12. Descriptions

Getting Started
You can update a character by visiting his or her page, and then clicking the 'edit char' link underneath the left image. We do not add characters for unaired titles - the anime needs to have started, so we can confirm the character exists in the anime, etc.

You can add a new character by visiting the admin character input page.

When you submit the form, a thread is created in this forum for moderators to look at. Unless the moderators can personally confirm submissions, they will possibly need confirmation from the community. Thus, if you have time and can browse these threads and chime in with agreeance or disagreeance, it would be helpful and would make things move quicker.

Become a Moderator
Demonstrate your candidacy by submitting info for a bunch of characters in the format below, and we'll be happy to bring you on board to help! ^_^

Voice Actors
Don't worry about including these when you submit characters because character moderators will fill these in as they add the characters. However, if you come across a character already in the system with a missing voice actor, please make a post about it here while linking both the character page and the voice actor on Anime News Network. If the character doesn't speak (has a nonspeaking role), you should make a post about it in the same thread.

Minor Characters
If you’re adding an extremely minor character to an anime or manga who gets like a single appearance, please state in the comments section the episode and minute mark or chapter count that the character appears in.

*The first name you input is the 'Main' name - use the most well-known name for this one

*If the anime is on Crunchyroll, match the names to their translation

*'First' and 'Last' are based on the western definitions

*Disregard 'Last is First' - do not check it

*Capitalize the names as you would normally type it (do not fully capitalize the last name, even though it will look like it is when editing an entry)

*Only fill in the 'last' field if there is a traditional last name (for example, Smith, Yamazaki, etc). Otherwise, put everything in the First field (for example, Doctor John, Death The Kid).

*If there is a middle name, put everything except the last name in the First field.

*Names with 'Mr' or 'Mrs' at the front should also have a period. For example, 'Mr. Smith', not 'Mr Smith'

*Suffixes (san, kun, etc) should be avoided unless it is the ONLY name the character is known by, for visible names (ie, anything except 'searchable'). Otherwise, add as a searchable name only. Suffixes should be attached with a dash - , such as 'Sara-kun', not 'Sara kun'


*Nickname - Only use if there is a very commonly known nickname IN THE ANIME OR MANGA (not a fan-given nickname) - most characters will not have one.

*Searchable - if there's a fan-given nickname that is well known or a name variation, use searchable. For example, if the name used is 'tomou' but some translations refer to the person as 'tomo', you'd use 'tomo' as the searchable name.

*USA Name - use only if there is a difference in name for the US R1 name. For example, Ash Ketchum for Pokemon would be a USA Name

*JP Name - you'll use this the majority of the time (if not always), and most of the time you'll only use it. It's tough to say how to be consistent with spellings. ANN, for example, tends to always use names like 'Tomo' instead of 'Tomou' (using 'o' instead of 'ou'), while the majority of other sites tend to use the longer form. As a vague rule, try to use what is the most common.

*Images are not required - don't worry about adding them unless you have the extra time and want to hunt them down. But if you're interested, here's our guidelines-

URL Slug
To create a url slug, take the person's MAIN first and last name, change them to lowercase, and add a dash in between each word.

If you get an error that the URL slug is already taken (which means another character in the database already has that URL slug), add the exact URL slug for the main anime or manga (see below for what the main anime/manga are) right after the character's URL slug. Do not truncate or abbreviate the anime/manga url slug.


Naruto Uzumaki = naruto-uzumaki
John Smith = john-smith
John Smith (another one, in a different anime whose url is /anime/naruto-the-movie-1) = john-smith-naruto-the-movie-1

Hair Color
*Select the main color from the dropdown.

*For now, light/dark will just be the main color (ie there is no distinction between light or dark brown).

*When in doubt, DON'T MARK HAIR COLOR.

*Unless a manga character has a color shot on a volume cover or an insert, do not mark hair color. If the color is mentioned in the manga, it can be added.

*For animals, if they are a solid color of fur, use that for hair color.

*Only mark 'bald' for characters who are human (or very human-like). Do not use this for monster characters or obvious non-humans who don't have hair in the first place.

*If a character is totally bald, do NOT try to base hair color on eyebrows or facial hair. Instead, mark the hair color as 'None'.

These are autocomplete fields that you must use to link this character to anime and manga entries. There is a dropdown for the type - main, secondary, minor. This is a REQUIRED part of the form that MUST be filled out. Failure to mark a character as a Main, Secondary or Minor in your submission will result in its denial.

Only add relations for something you have PERSONALLY seen or read. Do not assume that just because you've watched the anime, that the relation is probably the same for the manga. Likewise, do not use external resources to 'confirm' this kind of information, it needs to be based on your personal viewing/reading.

'Main Anime' and 'Main Manga'
Only mark these fields if the character has an anime or manga relation filled in. For example, if you were adding a character to an anime, after clicking on "Add New Anime..." and filling out the Main/Secondary/Minor info, underneath is a "Main Anime:" textbox which you need to complete as well. If left blank, when the submission generates a thread in the Character Submissions forum, the thread title will only list the character's name and not what anime/manga the character is from - this could delay the moderating process or result in the submission's rejection altogether. It's generally the series the character debuts in.

Only use tags that are major elements of the character. You can see a full list of character tags and how to use them HERE. If you have a suggestion for a different tag, put it into the Comments area of the form.

We are currently NOT accepting descriptions at this time. If you write one, be aware it will be denied.

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