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Default Saki


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'Tis rare that I get two shows I've been looking forward to for this long in one season. Well, gotta comment on Saki also. First characters. The ones that matter.

Saki - A bit more 'sassy' than the manga, but voiced well for the additional sass
Nodocchi - Crap I didn't think she would look so pink! Her hair's not THAT pink dammit! Voice is a bit soft for Nodocchi but still works pretty well. AND WHY'S THE PENGUIN BLACK!!! :mad:
Yuki - Rie Kugimiya works well for the annoying taco-lover. She's playing to much the -tans though. Makes her more annoying than she's supposed to be.
Kyotaro - He's a bit player. Played well.
Hisa - Good. No complaints
Mako - Ditto

Overall an okay start. Nodocchi's way too pink and it's a little more upbeat music-wise than I imagined though. Not as big of a fan of the longer explanations, but I guess it works to teach. I wish I didn't have to listen to it though. This one should turn out fine from what I've seen so far. Gets

For now. Good start for both series though. I couldn't care less if all the other shows this season are crap if Saki and Phantom turn out good.

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