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Default InuYasha


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this is fun
i also did this because the website didn't review this anime, im glad i got to it first

The story goes at a smooth pace, is easy to grasp and is very original
but it has its flaws too, in this case its the fillers. It has a filler like, every 2 episodes. also the anime is unfinished, it just gone out with a bang. what is interesting about the anime is its atmosphere, one minute its a scary atmosphere next minute its happy there is always a effect it gives you! after the first 10 episodes it gets a little repetitive. the fights is a little and lame.... aww who am i kidding, it just boils down to one attack; KAMI KIZU!!!! and Inuyasha seems to have only three attacks, the other characters also have powers but Miroku is confusing because there is no explanation of how he got his powers, neither has Shippo (would this go under characters?).

The animation is very good, the fight scenes are disappointing though, most of the fight scenes are lame and repetitive and ends with one attack; Kami Kizu!!! (backlash wave!!!) anyways the visuals are nice, just watching a teen aged girl walking in the forest with Mountains fading in the background never looked more beautiful.

Anyone who has watched Inuyasha had a favorite OP or ED, will at least everyone i met. The OST also is superb! the OST fits every scene perfectly, never had any Anime had such a Mysterious OST, (with the expection of FMA) the only OST that i had got annoying is the one played though funny scenes, regardless the OST is wonderful almost perfect. The voice acting is okay but Inuyashas voice.... is so annoying, the voice for Usopp from one piece fits him perfectly but for Inuyasha???

This is where Inuyasha truly shines! every character is lovable and cute, whether its Inuyasha acting like a dog or Miroku flirting with other girls. its also very interesting to see characters interacting with each other, Kagome is always trying to get Miroku and Sango to hook up with each other, the character development is also very good! every character has a background the only character i seemed to have a problem with is Kikiyo, she seems to have no personality... she is just there, just staring into space all the time and is a completely stuck up to Inuyasha, also Kagome and Inuyashas love doesn't seem to get any where, but anyways the characters are never... "out of character" even in fillers

The anime is very... okayish it was very hard to review this because the series is up and down all the time. i wouldn't blame you if you did not like this review but you got to understand that this anime has ALOT of fillers see my rating below

Story- 3.5/10
Animation- 7.5/10
Sound- 9.5/10
Characters- 8.5/10


Tell me, do you agree?

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