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Default New feature: auto-tweet stuff you do on the site on Twitter!

Twitter fans, we have a surprise for you. Today, we've released twitter integration on the site, including your ability to auto-tweet stuff you do on Anime-Planet!

While registering with twitter isn't quite ready yet, you can now properly connect your account to your profile. In the past, you simply typed a username into a field and your twitter feed would display in your profile. This was great and all, but you could have put in someone else's username, or a non-username (for example 'I don't have twitter').

Now, we've properly added oauth support and real twitter integration. In addition, thanks to Xesxen's work with getting oauth/app support set up, it'll make Facebook integration (or anything else with oauth, such as eventually a site API) possible.

To set up your twitter account, go to your Edit Profile page, and click the 'Sign In with Twitter' button. Input your credentials if it asks, and then you'll be redirected back to the edit profile page, where you can OPT-IN to the following categories of items:

YOU MUST OPT-IN FOR AUTO-TWEETS TO WORK. If you simply sign in with twitter, your feed will show up in your profile, but that's it. You can change your opt-in options at any time.

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU PREVIOUSLY HAD A TWITTER ACCOUNT SET UP, YOU MUST RE-CONNECT IT BY USING THE ABOVE STEPS. You'll likely have noticed you lost the badge as well (this is because we cleared out the old/unauthenticated twitter names). Just re-connect and you'll be good to go.

Also, we're unveiling a brand new short url - a-ni.me. URLs posted through auto-tweets will display as a-ni.me/[something] and redirects here to the site.

We hope you love this feature, and do let us know if you encounter any strangeness. We plan to add more auto-tweet options in the future, and will use these same options for auto posting to Facebook/other sources in the future.

This will be one of the last major feature releases before we switch gears fully to the redesign effort and launch, coming in a few months.

And remember to follow the site on Twitter, @AnimePlanet!
We'd love your help with spreading the word about the site on Twitter, RT'ing announcements we post on there, etc :)

Finally, if you enjoy this feature, please consider donating to support the site. We have some pretty big costs right now (not only the multiple servers a month cost, but also the redesign effort, professional designer, etc) and anything helps. <3

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