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Default New feature: bigger character images!

As I've mentioned recently in another announcement, we're looking at redesigning the site to be more visually appealing and easier to use.

We've already released the anime cover images, and now are rolling out bigger character images. This way, when the redesign happens, we'll be able to display larger images (without having to redo the work at that point). The images will still look small when you're on the character entry right now, but you'll now be able to click the image, just like with screenshots/anime covers, to see a bigger version.

HERE'S AN EXAMPLE! click the image to see the big size. Here's another example.

Images have a max width of 400 pixels (and downscale if a wider version is submitted), and a max height of around 600. They can be a variable size, unlike the old guidelines which were very specific (exact width of 130, and height between 180-200).

Since we always saved the images small in the past, this means we'll have to work on replacing the character images. It'll take some time, and we're looking for your help to do so!

For any series that look like they have good images - meaning, any series from the last few years that's really complete and has good quality shots, or any popular movies like ghibli, or the massive One Piece/Naruto/Bleach franchises, we're hoping that the community can help find bigger replacements.

We're hoping that if people are planning on rewatching any of these, that you'll keep your eye out for the EXACT SAME SHOTS, as that will make moderating them VERY EASY and we can start replacing them quickly. For series that aren't as complete, or that have poor images (like super close up shots, super dark shots, etc), you could look for a better pic instead if you want.

To add a new picture for a character, go to the character's entry page, click 'edit this character' underneath the image, and then add the new image. Submissions are logged in the Character Submissions section and dealt with by moderators.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for your support of Anime-Planet!

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