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Default New feature: anime 'cover' images

Here at Anime-Planet we've always tried to focus on only putting up high quality, unique information, such as hand-written synopses and personally-taken screenshots for every series - this is one thing that helps distinguish AP from other sites.

But we also know that it's hard to use the site as a primary resource if entries are blank, so we're working on a few projects to fix that.

Starting today, all blank anime, when possible, will have a 'cover' image - such as a promotional movie poster, an official DVD cover, etc. You can click the cover just like a main image if screenshots are up, to see a bigger-sized version. HERE'S AN EXAMPLE. Covers go away once screenshots are added. While it seems like a small feature, this ended up being a fairly time-consuming feature to add and test.

A team of volunteers and myself added these images over the last few days - there were certain anime that didn't have an acceptable cover image, such as DVD specials (promo shots aren't released for the specials themselves), music videos, certain older/obscure titles, etc. But most do now have covers.

If you'd like to look at the list of anime without cover images, go to the browse anime page, click 'advanced', and then click the new 'needs cover' button on the right. You can still use the 'no images' button instead to see which anime don't have screenshots.

While putting up cover images breaks our 'only put up high quality/personally done info' rule, the goal is still that eventually we'd have screenshots up for each of these. Hopefully this is a good, temporary step to make sure that you can tell what an anime will be like while using AP.

There are parallel efforts going on to get more people trained on submitting screenshots, and even an effort regarding synopses, so stay tuned for those. In the meantime I personally will try to focus on adding full entries for series without covers (as ideally all titles will have EITHER screenshots OR a cover image) and hopefully the screenshot trainees can too!

I'd like to thank the following volunteers for dropping everything to help shape the guidelines and add images in only a few days' time:


Hope you enjoy the feature, and as always, if you enjoy it or the site, please consider making a donation - all donations go straight into site hosting costs and new features.

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