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Default Introducing custom character lists

I'd like to introduce the V1 version of custom character lists. There's some things I'd like to add in the future, please keep in mind that this is the initial version :)

You can add character lists the same way you add anime/manga lists:

1. You need to have the character in your profile already, either as love or hate
2. Go to your 'lists' tab in your profile
3. Click the new button to add a character list

By default, 'loves' are displayed. To show hates, you need to click the hate button and 'apply filter'. The filter bar is a bit of a hack right now (and was the easiest option to get in place quickly - still took 2 days @_@). There's no toggle yet, so if you want to switch back to loves from hates, make sure 'hates' isn't selected/green, and then click loves/apply filter. Right now there's no way to display both loves/hates at once.

Beyond that, you can order them as usual, just like anime/manga lists.

Things I know about/would like to add in the future:

1. Better filters like on the character browse, to filter by tags/hair color/etc (this might take awhile to add but I'd like to eventually)

2. Some sort of hover to show you the image/anime the characters are in, while creating your list. This is not a small task - for now, I suggest having another tab open to your love/hate list, so you can easily see which chars you're adding

3. Better url strings for any custom list

Also, the lists aren't showing up right now in the CHARACTER entries. I'll work on that next.

I hope you enjoy this new feature, took me awhile to do. :) If you like the feature, please consider donating to the site. The site isn't doing well $-wise, ad money isn't plentiful and we're basically breaking even on being able to just keep the servers/bills running. This makes it really difficult to move the site forward, makes it impossible to upgrade the servers when needed, etc. Anything you can donate helps a lot!

And finally, I leave you with my first custom list, as promised on facebook/twitter ;)

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