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Default Anime-Planet's stance on harassment

I generally try to keep site announcements to exciting new features, calls for feedback and other positive things about the community. Unfortunately, today I need to post something a little different, but more important - Anime-Planet's stance on harassment on the site.

Something I've always valued and appreciated is Anime-Planet's community - we generally are a respectful, inclusive bunch. and have been relatively free of trolls. Something I personally try to focus on is ensuring that all users can expect the following when visiting Anime-Planet:
  1. All users are entitled and allowed to post their opinions, as long as the opinions are respectful and are not personal attacks on another user - whether the opinion be via a recommendation, review, discussion thread post, etc.
  2. All users are entitled to these opinions without being bullied or harassed by any other site user or moderator.

I've banned very few (non spambot) people on the site in the entire site's history - most of which were related to the above items, and all of which were after a repeated set of chances on good faith. Today was another one of those rare days, and rather than keep it hidden away, I think it's important to post something public to reiterate these values. The reason being, even more concerning than this person's long term behavior is the fact that others have begun acting the same, leaving disrespectful, bullying comments on reviews and also profiles when prompted to as a group.

I believe doing so erodes the amazing community spirit we have here, discourages people to participate, and encourages the same bad behavior that has infected other communities out there. I believe that it doesn't matter how much content someone adds to the site - if they do so with a mean spirited or self righteous mindset, it is far more damaging to the community than the content contributes to it.

So that everyone here can feel empowered to post their opinions and participate in the community here as equals, I want to be clear that bullying and harassment are not tolerated here by any user, whether a normal user or moderator alike.

If you feel that you've been the target of harassment, the right solution is to contact the staff so that it can be investigated or so action can be taken. The right solution is not to go on a campaign to bully someone.

If you feel that reviews or recommendations aren't helpful (for example, that reviews are too short or 'are not reviews'), you are welcome to leave feedback in the feature requests section of the forum - currently there are plans to make the review section more helpful, for example. The right solution is not to go onto those reviews and attack the reviewer, say the review is shit, etc. If action needs to be taken, that's the staff's job to carry out.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask or voice them - part of what makes the community here amazing is that people are free to respectfully express what they wish.

Your loyal leader,

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