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Default Anime-Planet will be moving domain registrars soon (and, the recent downtime)

Hi all,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on the downtime for the last day or so, why it happened, and what we're doing to help ensure it doesn't happen again.

First off, I found out about the issue about a day into the problem (this morning) - I was on vacation in another country with zero access to internet, and finally made it to a coffee shop with wi-fi today and saw the flood of questions/comments. Had I known, I would have posted updates on the site's Facebook and Twitter sites immediately.

As it turns out, the issue wasn't anything in our control, GoDaddy epic failed and rendered millions of their sites inaccessible, including Anime-Planet. I've been wanting to leave GoDaddy for awhile anyways given their stance on SOPA/PIPA (which was 'revoked', but still), and the whole hunting exotic animals for sport thing, but I also hate to inflict any downtime on you guys so I've been putting it off.

Well, given these shenanigans this is as good of a time as any, so I've already started the process of transferring all of the AP domains over to Dreamhost instead. Our hosting remains the same (with Serverbeach), zero files, data, etc were affected by this, it was solely a DNS/registrar issue outside of our control.

Transferring registrars is a lot less painful than transferring hosts, but it still can cause some temporary appearances of outages when DNS needs to propagate - I'll let you know when I anticipate that might start popping up, there's a step or two I need to complete to really get the transfer going.

Anyways, I very much appreciate your patience over the last 1.5 days while this stuff went down, as your fearless leader it's immensely frustrating to see the site down without anything I can do to fix it, since other companies are at fault. Hopefully with the registrar move, we won't see something like this happen again.

Thanks again for your support of AP!

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