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Default How we add manga entries

While this section isn't ready for user submissions, I'm posting a list of some of the guidelines we use when adding manga entries. This is to help get chapter updaters added to the team as quickly as possible.

This is not a full set of the guidelines, it's just the sections that potential chapter moderators need to read and become familiar with if they'd like to join the group.

Due to limitations in the current design and/or a lack of guidelines on certain things, we do not add manga that are the following:
  • OEL (ie, American authors who write 'manga' in English). OEL are marked on MU as type OEL.
  • Novels - ie, not light novels (no artwork).
  • Hentai
  • Raw only - IE, there is no published release in any country, and no scanlations. This is because there are tens of thousands of manga out there, and we dont want to flood the database with tons of series people will never be able to read.
  • One shots included with a bigger story. We may start adding these soon; for now, we do not add these as separate entries.
  • Individual one shots, instead of a larger volume. If there's a manga that is a collection of one shots, we do NOT list each one shot as its own entry, just the outermost volume. This can be confusing because 'read online' sites and MU sometimes list the one shots separately.

Volumes and Chapters

Please read this topic for more info, specifically about how we don't add chapters except in certain cases.

Most moderators use Mangaupdates (MU) as a primary source for verifying total # of chapters and volumes. However, MU isn't always 100% accurate, especially for ongoing series. Often mods will check amazon.co.jp (via searching for the Japanese kanji/hiragana title) to see how many volumes are actually released in Japan. There isn't a one size fits all sollution for figuring out these values, so we constantly discuss edge cases in the moderator forum.

  • If the series is COMPLETE (not ongoing, no new chapters being released), we list the total number of volumes. For example:

    ^^You can see the current # of vols for a manga on Mangaupdates on the left hand column of the page. (Complete) indicates that the series is finished and is not ongoing. Thus, the # you see here (5) is the total number of volumes. We would enter 5 for volumes.

    It is very rare that MU is wrong about the # of volumes when it is set to (Complete), so you can generally assume it is accurate.
  • Even if a series is not marked complete, input the current # of volumes (according to what is released in Japan) in the volumes field. Translated chapters are often not up to date with what is released in Japan, so we do not use that value.

    ^^This means that in Japan, 15 volumes are available. But notice that right above it, only 1 volume's worth of chapters have been translated. we enter 15 for volumes, NOT 1.
  • If a series is a 'one shot', we mark volumes as 0 (and chapters as 1). More info on chapters/one shots in the CHAPTERS section below.
  • If a series is brand new and there isn't an actual volume released yet, for example, if only 2 total chapters are released, enter 1 for volumes. We do not enter 0 for volumes - 0 is only entered if it's a one shot.

Chapters are difficult to mark - a series cannot be marked on Anime-Planet as completed without the total # of chapters, if chapters are already marked. For example, let's say that an ongoing series is marked as 5 volumes and 20 chapters. Let's say that the English translations are behind, and the series ends in Japan at 6 volumes. We can't mark the series as completed, because we don't have a completed number of chapters filled in. And we can't just remove the chapters, because users have probably marked them.

Thus, a manga is stuck in a state of limbo, unable to be marked as completed, until we somehow find out the total number of chapters. As you can imagine that's not good for the you, as site users.

Due to this, WHEN IN DOUBT, WE LEAVE IT OUT. We only mark chapters under the following circumstances:
  • If a one shot, enter 0 vols, 1 chapter. There are rare cases where MU lists something as a one shot and it's 2 chapters - that's ok, we enter 0 vols, and 2 chapters. However, if we run into something with 2 chapters and it says 1 vol on MU, we mark it as 1 vol, 2 chapters, not as a one shot.
  • If a series is COMPLETE, only enter chapters if you know the total number of chapters. This is NOT always the same as the total chapters that are translated.

    ^^See how this is 23 volumes, complete, in Japan? The fan translations are only up to volume 17, chapter 156. We do NOT enter 156 as the # of chapters, because this is NOT the final total of all 23 volumes. Unless we see a table of contents from volume 23, or have some other way of knowing, we do not enter chapters.

    Also, we do not assume, based on math, at how many chapters there will be. If the manga has usually been 4 chapters per volume, for example, we do NOT assume that any non-translated volumes are also 4 chapters per volume. We need proof before marking chapters.

    ^^An example of a safe # of chapters to add. Notice how 'completely scanlated' is 'Yes', and the most recent translation update is 'v.1 ch.9 (end)'. The (end) means it's the last chapter of the manga. We enter 9 as the chapters.
  • I just mentioned using the table of contents for chapter counts, but we need to use caution when doing this. Often the last chapter of a manga legitimately is called something else, sometimes as obvious as 'prologue' (which we WOULD include in the count), sometimes less obvious like 'Another Song' or anything in between. Often 'extra' chapters (which we do NOT add to the count) are listed at the end of a volume too. If you've actually read the manga, knowing if you should add these chapters to the count is easy. If you're looking at a Japanese/raw scan, you'll have no idea, unless you're able to read Japanese. There's no easy guideline for this - just use caution. When in doubt, if we find a TOC like this, we should NOT add the non-numbered chapters, unless it's in English and you can get a good idea of what it is (or better yet, you have read it).
  • We only mark chapters for an ONGOING series if the chapters seem to be close to the # that are released in Japan. For example, let's say that a series has 2 volumes in Japan, and the 'recent releases' on MU says the most recent fan translated chapter is "v. 2 c. 10" (volume 2, chapter 10). This might seem like a shoe-in for entering 10 chapters, right? Usually, yes. If the translated chapters/volumes are close to the number in Japan, we enter it. Unless...
  • We do not mark chapters if the translators clearly have dropped the series, or are very slow.

    ^^In this example we DO have enough proof to mark the chapters (66 chapters), for a few reasons. The # of volumes in Japan is 12. The most recent translated chapter is Volume 12, chapter 66. Most importantly, the most recent translated chapter was released 0 days ago, and prior to that, 3 days ago. This says that the translator is active, and we can probably trust that they will continue to translate the series. By the time the series is completed, odds are we will know the total # of chapters, so it is safe to add.

    But if in the above example, instead of 0 days it said 100 days, we do NOT mark the number of chapters. It means that the group translating likely gave up the series - this means the series will probably end in Japan before we know the total number of chapters, and then we'll be in a tight spot.
  • We do NOT include 'extra' stories, side stories, or one shots that are included in a larger series, as part of the chapter count.

    ^^'3' should be marked as the chapter count, not 4. Whenever you see something like 'side story' or 'extra chapter', that generally means we do not include it in the count.

    ^^This is a little harder to figure out, but 3 is the right chapter count. Notice that the last chapter is 3, and then there are two named chapters. That usually means two extra one shots. Since the manga is marked 'Complete', and 'Completely Scanlated?' says 'Yes', we can assume that 3 is the total number of chapters, not counting the 'extra' ones.

    You might also see things like '9.5' or other '.5' releases. These are also extra chapters. Only whole number updates should be considered for chapters.

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