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Default Re: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Dear lord-- have they ruined the art for this show, honestly. I'm unashamedly a fan of the manga, which has intermittent art quality, but this is genuinely bad, unfortunately.

Set up is generic shoujo, of course, with an ending telegraphed a mile off, but the ridiculousness of the antics the boys get up to to hide their problems is amusing.

Honestly, expecting realistic reactions from anime is, well, rather silly. Especially when the synopsis involves "Four bishounen must turn dowdy Sunako into a lady." I mean, My Fair Lady aside, does this seem realistic? It'd be like going into Angel Densetsu and being disappointed more people didn't react like real people. You're missing the point. It's popcorn cinema. Go in, shut off, and enjoy some silly shoujo plots (with some awesome fashion (the mangaka is a massive fan of gothloli, so she gets some nice stuff to wear)).
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