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Default Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yamato Nadeshike Shichi Henge

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While checking out some of the new shows this season, I normally would have passed something like this over excepting that it is currently being subbed by C1. Not really expecting much, I checked out the first episode and think I might be hooked. The premise is as follows;

Four Bishonen youths who live in a mansion sponsored by their extravagant aunt are given notice that they can continue to live in the mansion for free if they can convert the aunts' niece into a proper lady. If not, then the rent will be tripled (ouch!). The problem is that the young girl is mentally scarred from an incident some years ago and pretty much freaks out and scares all those around her.

The comedy is pretty over the top, the art is adequate for the series (I've seen worse). Bottom line is that it entertains where a lot of other shows with bigger budgets do not. If I were to fit this into an Anime Rec entry would probably link it with something like Wandaba Style.

AniDB doesn't list a total number of episodes for the show[lists 6 scheduled], but I'll make a guess that it probably will hit 12 or 13 eps.

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