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Default Simoun


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This series plays in a fnatasy world where every kid is born as woman, yet upon turning 19 they get the choice to become either male or female. That is, unless you are the miko (pristress) of airships called simoun, seen by other countries as demonic creations and hunted for their technology. Being such a miko, you are allowed to goto the "spring" to be a man or woman. The main focus of this series seems to be the actual war for those agile and fast battships which are manned by two pilots.

Since the main characters of this series are mostly (if not all) female, there is a somewhat shoujo-ai feeling to it, especially if you see how the simoun need to be "booted up". Yet it's an quite interesting setting with some interesting occurances. I'll be following this one as it reminded me quite a bit of Kiddy Grade and Stellvia of the Universe.

Watched upto episode 3, subbed upto episode 13 (26ish eps planned) by Simoun-Fans (episode 4 to 13) and Doremi Fansubs (upto 5)

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