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Default Re: How to Add or Edit Characters

Originally Posted by tylerriggs View Post
^ this is awesome sothis. This is exactly what I was looking for the other day but couldn't find. One question though.....

Character types: Main, Secondary, Minor
how exactly are these defined? Are we using another site to help figure this out, or is it up to the mods common sense? For example take a look at the freaking Bleach character section on our site. I would argue that some of the "main" characters listed there are in fact secondary like Byakuya Kuchiki and some of the minor characters are secondary like Ichigo's youngest sister.

Not trying to cause problems, I just want to do things correctly myself.
There is some debate. For the most part, we don't touch other people's ratings because the issue hasn't been decided, but here's what I think:

Main - The anime is ABOUT you. You're not just important to the plot, you are the point of view for the show.

Secondary - You're either plot important, or you show up a lot. Either way, you're integral to the show's character.

Minor - You're there for color. You might be plot important for the few seconds you were on screen, but you were only on screen for a few seconds. NOTE: If the character hardly appears in the show, regardless of how much of a lynchpin you are to the plot, you are a minor character (unless, of course, you are the main villain).

TACO? Don't mind if I do.
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