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Originally Posted by Quizap View Post
I would if I could but I have close to zero friends here in FL thanks to the hours I work. Really hard to do anything with your friends when you get off of work around 10 or 11am and then head to bed around 9pm or earlier for a 3 to 4am shift
I feel you man. My new roommate also works graveyard so I never get to see her.

I've been looking for a good online mah jong site for a while, but unfortuantely most of the sites I've found all play speed mahjong with like 10 second timers per turn, takes the fun out of it.

Anyway, was playing with the site that Quizap, amusingly enough winning with Rinshan Kaihou is relatively easy. I've already done it twice this morning. Might have something to do with the way the game was written.

[Edit] Make that 3 times.

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