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As I said in another thread,
episode 1
[spoiler:948825ccc4] beauty is only skin deep, a prefect example is this show. Jeez, it's like they give away everything in the first episode, no build up no nothing. No anticipation for what will happen next. Too much genres mixed into one and they can't pull one of them off right. So yeah insert the 2 chicks scene and hope it saves the show. IMO you save such a scene for later in the show when ratings start going down. [/spoiler:948825ccc4]
I wonder if the producer/director of this show is inexperienced. For example, you can nuke a town, but if you don't show the fear, panic & devastation it's useless.

4 out of 10 and the 4 is for some of the flash back parts that have peeked my interest. I'll just have to wait and see if this show is worth watching.

Oh by the way, my opinion is way too bias,
[spoiler:948825ccc4] I really hate it when a weak girl has the lead role. If she steps up and does something in the future I might get to like her. Why can't the evil girl have the lead? That would be something I'd like to see.[/spoiler:948825ccc4]
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