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Originally Posted by NoirTheElitist View Post

I've read the manga up to volume 4, chapter 24 and it seems like they've coloured it. Even though they have done it in nice pastel soft shades.
What I really didnt like were the voices (but that's the japanese way) since I wasnt expecting Fumi to have such a girly, timid voice (even though she is a cry baby). Speaking of which, the cast is pretty much new on the field (seems like the first work for Ai Takabe) but we'll also have Fuyuka Oura, Mamiko Noto and Nakahara Mai.

It's another all-girl school yuri corny thingy. But, we'll see.
I also read the manga and I had the same EXACT reaction about Fumi's voice. Though in retrospect, such a timid voice does fit her personality, but it's certainly nothing like what I had in mind (i was expecting something like a shy and more tomboyish voice i guess). Loved the first episode, the animation was just like I hoped it would be, barely a coloured version of drawing taken straight from the manga. The artwork from the manga used in the ED sequence was quite a nice touch, it gives me hope that the anime might be just as good as the original.

Oh and Najaraja, read it, you'll totally love it.

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