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Originally Posted by Worosei View Post
though i must admit the first (double) episode wasnt that good and it put me off gintama for a while.
Same here. But I was uncharacteristically swayed by a damn blogger and this sentence from his next post: "The show only gets good at about episode 18, and beyond that it's bloody legendary." It is unheard of that I watch this much just to see if it gets better.

There is another weak stretch in the fifties, with ep52 seeing them blathering like Bleach, two two-parters, and a sudden seriousness in ep59 that is as unfun as Keroro ep100.

I guess the fact its a long series is also a deterrant for people and on the face looks really stupid humour...
There is no stupid humour, only jokes that are bad if you take them seriously. Gintama is meta, at the expense of 'real' shounen series. But like those it has a wonderful innocence and positive outlook...

though i always mispronounce gintama - i see 'gin' and expect it to be said that way
...already manifested in the title. Which is pronounced like 'gin' always is, in Japanese ;)

It shows how good Gintama is at how unexpected some things are. Like ep79!
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