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I love this series. I started watching this about half a year ago. I took an afternoon and sat through a bunch of episodes. Usually, I'm opposed to starting anime that have tons of episodes because they're hard to find or take too much time, but this one was definitely worth it. I am surprised that there isn't a bigger following (per this thread only having two posts).

I'm on episode 84, but the show in general is hilarious and quirky. It's completely different from most all other anime. I love the take on cultural references (especially the fact that the fansubbers take time to explain a lot of them). It's nice to see a character like Gintama that is flawed just try to live his life. Each episode seems to have its own running gag along with show-long running gags.

I was looking for funny anime because there was a Gintama dry spell and found few that live up to the humor in Gintama. (Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei and Detroit Metal City being some of my other favorite humor anime.)

It's cool that the fansubber is catching up to the number of episodes. I kind of like the way they release in batches.
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