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Default Anime-Planet launches over 15,000 new streaming videos with in-depth Hulu integration

We have big news.

Hot on the heels of Crunchyroll integration, we've now launched over 15,000 new legal, streaming videos by partnering with Hulu, a mega resource for video content in the USA.

First up, our official press release:

The same awesome features are now in place for Hulu, so much of the below content is identical to the Crunchyroll release. However, we've launched better region filtering and some other bits - in case you missed it before, here's the scoop (with Hulu-specific Q&A and new additions after the feature section):

Feature highlights

Including videos for more obscure titles we split up separately, such as the Saki specials

and we'll update your anime list for you when you watch a video on Anime-Planet. When you watch the last episode of a series, your status will change to 'watched', as well!

and filter the recommendations to only show you titles with videos

(with easy 'browse all videos' button on the homepage)
coming soon: a 'videos' homepage for easier browsing and access

Once you've linked your twitter or facebook accounts in your profile, you'll see a new option to auto share when you watch videos on the site. This is an opt-in feature.


Is it free?
All Hulu content on Anime-Planet is free to watch - we don't have access to "Hulu+" only episodes. 99% of all anime content on the Hulu site is not Hulu+ only.

What about those ads in the Hulu videos?
The ads in Hulu videos are owned by Hulu, Anime-Planet doesn't receive a stipend or any kickback from the ads.

How about region locking?
Hulu videos are restricted to users in the USA. We our community members in other countries and are actively looking into ways to bring you more videos to watch legally on Anime-Planet - we won't forget about you! We've set up better region filtering for ALL videos, meaning now if you browse anime by 'has video', you'll no longer see titles that you can't watch.

Anything for us dub fans?
Hulu has dubbed anime content! Which you can now watch for free on Anime-Planet.

Can I link my Anime-Planet account with my Hulu account?
Currently no, but we're looking into ways to potentially do this.

When does my list auto-update when I watch a video?
When a Hulu video loads (after the first commercial batch), your list updates.

What are the auto updating caveats?
  • We'll never change your status from 'watched' back to 'watching'. You'll need to go manually change your status to something else if you want us to increment your episode count when watching videos.
  • If you don't have the series in your list yet, or have it in your list as any status other than 'watched' or 'watching', we'll first change your status to 'watching'.
  • We'll never subtract episodes from your list - only add. For example, if you watch Naruto episodes 1-10 on Anime-Planet and then go back and watch episode 4 again, you'll see a feed update that you watched episode 4 on Anime-Planet, but your episode count will not go back to 4; it will stay at 10.

This is a V1 feature and we're always up for hearing feedback about how to improve it.

How do videos show up in my feed?
Any time you watch a video, you'll see a new update in your feed. If you've turned on auto update, you won't see separate status updates when you watch a video. So if you watch Naruto episode 1, you'll see one feed update for 'watching Naruto episode 1 on Anime-Planet', and will NOT see a duplicated 'Watching Naruto at 1/x episodes' feed update.

I love this feature! How can I show my support for Anime-Planet?
The #1 thing you can do is to help spread the word about videos on Anime-Planet to everyone you know - whether on your anime blog, your website, on twitter/facebook, or just to your friends who love anime! Even if you know people who love anime and don't currently use the site, we'd love if you could tell others what you love about the video feature so they'll come try it out too.

Additionally, donating to the site helps directly support the servers and new features like this. And, if you've wanted to donate but haven't had a way, or if you've been on the fence about getting a Crunchyroll premium membership in the past (or have a dusty, expired account), PLEASE CONSIDER GOING PREMIUM! By signing up for a free trial and then becoming premium through any of our Crunchyroll links on Anime-Planet, you're not only directly supporting the industry, you're helping Anime-Planet stay afloat as well by being able to cover the pricy server costs and other expenses it takes to keep a site like this running.

What's next?

We have another few big announcements coming soon, and are working hard on getting the full visual redesign created. Stay tuned, and thanks as always for your support of A-P!
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