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Default Facebook/twitter auto posts: now with standalone options for episodes, rating!

In case you aren't aware, you can link your Facebook and Twitter.

Many of you have asked for more granularity on what you share for anime and manga updates - previously, you'd opt in to auto-post everything (status, ratings, episodes [or ch/vols for manga]). We've now added that granularity. You can now opt-in to post status, ratings and episodes individually (or all of them if you want)

If you have previously opted in to 'anime updates' or 'manga updates', you've been auto opted-in to these new granular settings. If you haven't opted in to anime/manga updates, you'll now be able to set them individually.

To link your accounts, go to edit profile and click one of the buttons - once the acct is linked you'll see a table of settings below the buttons. You must opt in for any of the auto posting to occur

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