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Default Catch up with FALL! Monthly Marathon: January 11-12

Welcome to a special Monthly Marathon that will only happen 4 times a year! At the end of each anime season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) we'll be taking all the series that have just ended and marathon them! This gives you a chance to watch all those shows you missed before the next season really gets going. This seasonal themed marathon event is opened to all Anime-Planet members and this provides a golden opportunity to flaunt how much more free time you posses then your Anime-Planet peers!

This breaks down to each event technically having 2 seasons (or more) of ended anime in the list because all the anime from before this season will be ending as well if they had 24-26+ episodes.

When? January 11-12. A whole weekend to catch up on some shows you missed out on that have just finished airing. Just sign up by posting what you want to watch and your name will be added to the anime participating list.

Why? To catch up with all those Fall shows you missed out on!

Recommendations: Please add Recommendations for these series once you've watched them! Every single recommendation made helps out the thousands of people who use the database each month to find new stuff to watch. Everyone who participates in this Monthly Marathon should add recommendations for other series they think a person would like, if they can think of any.

User Reviews: User reviews don't have to be many paragraphs, or even have good English. They can be as little as a single paragraph just to explain what you thought of the series and any extra tips for the reader. The longer and more detailed the better, of course.

How? Just choose a series from the list and watch it! (watching lots is encouraged!)

Points will go as follows:

10-11 episode series = 1 point
12 episode series = 2 points
13 episode series = 3 points
22-24 episode series = 4 points
25-26 episode series = 5 points
50-52 episode series = 8 points
53+ episode series = 10 points
rec / user review = .5 points

In order to get these points you MUST finish the series. Extra points will be given for making rec's and user reviews.

Prizes for doing a Monthly Marathon:
  1. One lucky person with the most Points will get a banner to parade around Anime-Planet for the whole month!
  2. Company while you marathon the shows with fellow Anime-Planet members
  3. Hours of anime added to your watched list
  4. Knowing you have helped out the site by adding more content to it
  5. TACO Points for TACO members

Allowed Series

~Summer 2013 Anime~ (24-26 eps)

~Fall 2013 Anime~ (11-13 eps)

*Some anime were left out due to not having all the episodes available.
*1 point for short episode series

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