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Actually InuYasha's attack is 'Kaze no Kizu' which is the wind scar(dub) or scar of the wind. The Backlash Wave(dub) is Bakuryūha the Explosive flowing wave, or Crushing stream.

When the anime it ended it was because they were caught up to the manga at that time and so instead of making up an ending they decided to end it with an actualy scene from the manga, leaving it open ended and open to further anime/OVA possibilities. The anime end was never meant to be the ending of InuYasha, just the end of the story up to that point. It was actually a really good breaking point.

We also do know where Miroku got his powers.

Sorry if this comes off rude or something, I don't intend for it to be, but InuYasha was the first anime I ever watched and is my favorite still

My review:


At the root of things InuYasha is an amalgamation of many classic stories. It's about Kagome , a typical 15 year old girl who travels through time, meets a boy, goes on an adventure and in the process falls in love. The story itself isn't all that original, but that doesn't keep it from being interesting or having some very inspired moments.

I would say that the story is divided almost equally in three ways: character devlopement, plot, and filler. At some points there is little or no forward movement in the plot to allow for the very gradual character development in this series, and others the plot takes over. As for the filler aspect, InuYasha most definitely suffers from the monster of the week syndrom, even though it does tie into the plot, it at times can get repetative.

The series conclusion was left very open ended with a sense of looking toward the future and the rest of the journey.


I haven't watched much anime but the animation in InuYasha struck me as well done. The colors are bright and the drawing style, while not anything outstanding is good. A measure of classic anime methods are used among the main cast in that good characters tend to have large eyes and evil characters narrow and those of ambiguous intent or grey characters are somewhere in the middle. It doesn't suffer from an abundance of still shots and the backdrops while not the most detailed are soft and beautifully scenic.


The Japanese voice actors are well matched to their respective characters. Kappei Yamaguchi as InuYasha is particularly good, understated and emotive.

The English voice actors receive alot of criticism from more die hard fans, but in spite of what is sometimes a terrible translation, none of the voices stand out in a negative way. And while not as good as the original voicing the english cast gives above passable preformances.

There is not much music during the actual episodes but there are several opening and ending themes which all manage to capture the tone of their repective seasons well and a few are outstanding.


This is where the series really shines. Each of the main characters comes to us with a rich backstory and very real flaws and weaknesses. Their development is both gradual and continuous, lending to it's believability. And while the chracter roles may be somewhat sterotypical they still manage to feel unique.

It should be said that when I said gradual, I mean extremely so, much like it would be for someone in real life. I find the pace in this area adds to the story but if you prefer something with more obvious changes in the characters this anime is likely not for you.

Also as in real life the way the characters interact with others depends on who it is they are talking to and this allows for a broader look at each of their individual personalities. Most of the character devlopement is actually a product of one on one interaction between two characters, outside of the actual plot.

The motivations of all the characters are well explained, though they often times are difficult to fully understand without a well formed knowledge of Japanese culture.

I would say the most negative aspect of the characters in the story is the typical cliched main villian. Often predictable with no character growth and weak motivations make this a weak spot in an otherwise strong area of the story.


Overall I found InuYasha to be highly enjoyable. Endearing characters, coupled with a detailed story and elements of romance, tragedy, comedy and action make for a varied watching experience. There is depth here but it is more emotional than intellectual. Keep that in mind if you decide to give it a chance.
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