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Default Re: New 'school' type tags - please post suggested anime/manga for them!

Originally Posted by Kari5 View Post
Girls und Panzer | Anime-Planet isn't a military school. It's just takes place in an awesome ultimate universe where girls can drive tanks as a school club/class (rest of the classes are normal).
I guess you are right though they never seem to go to these classes oh well.

Originally Posted by HasseRovdjur View Post
Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is just a regular school infiltrated by vampires and whatnot. It's not exactly a supernatural/magic school.

Toshokan Sensou just has some characters go through bootcamp, but it's not a military school. It's just their branch training them.
Well I wasn't really sure about both of them looks like i'll search for some more thanks anyways.

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