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Default New 'school' type tags - please post suggested anime/manga for them!

I've added a few specific 'school' tags - please start listing anime/manga that you think fit for these so I can bulk add the tags.

Note that the entire school must be based around the school type - if it's a normal school that happens to have a music class, or has a music school club, that wouldn't qualify as 'music school'.

Please also READ WHAT'S ALREADY TAGGED before suggesting, to save time :)

Browse Music School Anime | Anime-Planet
Music School Manga | Anime-Planet

Browse Cooking School Anime | Anime-Planet (includes cooking/baking)
Cooking School Manga | Anime-Planet

Browse Martial Arts School Anime | Anime-Planet
Martial Arts School Manga | Anime-Planet

Browse Military School Anime | Anime-Planet
Military School Manga | Anime-Planet

Browse Magic School Anime | Anime-Planet (specifically for witches/wizards, ie quiz academy, little witch academia, etc)
Magic School Manga | Anime-Planet

(the mods are currently discussing how to title 'fantasy/supernatural' school, for things like vampire knight)

also debating 'art school'

feel free to also list other types of school suggestions here
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