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Default Re: Join or contribute to TACO, an Anime-Planet club that gives rewards for contribut

Donations are definitely extremely important - i just think that based upon the actual prize levels, the proportions were off. it was either lower the point value for each donation dollar, or raise the tiers for prizes, and given the amounts for other content (like recommendations, which are super valuable given the site's core purpose), it seemed like the right thing to do by lowering the 'value' of each dollar. With the old point value, making a somewhat small donation (for example $10) would mean access to a massive amount of the prizes, and you'd have to make a huge amount of other contributions (recs, reviews, etc) to get close to that. The breakdown just didn't seem fair to everyone.

That isn't to say donations are less valued, it's just about keeping prizes attainable and also being fair to people who can't necessarily donate dollars, but are able to donate their time adding site content.

I'd need to check the other point values, but I'm pretty sure we also tweaked a few others, such as upgrading the amount of points for recs (and the new double points for current series recs, for example)
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