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Default Join or contribute to TACO, an Anime-Planet club that gives rewards for contributing!

Hi everyone! As you may be aware of already, we have an official Anime-Planet group called TACO that promotes contributing to the site (reviews, recommendations, donations, etc).

TACO was started long ago and the prize list was getting a bit out of date, so we've spent some time cleaning things out, and are here to request your participation - both as a member of the club, and also as a potential prize giver!

Things we've changed:
  • Many old prizes were removed from users who aren't around anymore
  • Point values were retooled a bit
  • Any distinction between 'points before becoming a member' and 'points after becoming a member' were removed. Any reviews made before joining yield the same points as after, for example
  • Several new prizes/tiers were added for character moderator work
  • A new category was added for recommendations that are made for current season titles - they are worth double points

How can you help?

We're hoping more people will step forward to offer prizes - TACO never had a huge list of people willing to donate their time/energy to give out prizes, so when a few of them became inactive, it left the list bare. We're looking for people who can offer prizes at any level, and prizes of all types, for example:
  • Creating something, such as a signature, avatar, etc
  • Something funny such as being forced to do something (update your sig, bio, avatar, watch something, read a yaoi, etc)
  • Contributing content of your own - for example, adding a new review, updating character images, etc
  • Anything else you can think of, be creative!
  • Also we're open to ideas that perhaps the moderators could do (or even I could do) - we're looking even more for people who can dole out the prizes, since the mods are already pretty strapped for time.

If you have prizes you'd like to add, please post them in the prize thread over in TACO, and Kari/Narky will help update the list.

And, please join TACO! I'll be looking to start another interesting club soon (for people who watch current anime and can help motivate others to add recommendations for them - especially with double points for those recs!), so expect more news moving forward.
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