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Default Re: New feature: view most popular season anime (want to watch, watching, dropped cou

Originally Posted by GodzillaGus View Post
how do you get to the season's page?
it's indeed not the easiest route - you can go to the main anime homepage, then click browse by year, choose a year, and there will be season links at the top if they exist (spring, summer, etc)

alternately, if you're on an anime's page and see a season listed underneath the main image, you can click the name to get to it. once there, you'll see links to the other seasons for that year listed too

the site redesign will fix a lot of this, but as a short term fix i may swap out the 'random tag' section on the anime homepage with something related to seasons, like "Browse current season' or i dunno. season stuff needs to be called out more
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