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Default New feature: "sticky" headers in site tables

We just added a new bit of javascript that keeps table headers "sticky" as you scroll down the page.

For example:

Notice that when you scroll down the page, the headers stay visible.

This feature in theory will be helpful because it's hard to remember what's in the table cells once the header is off screen. The header has been added in all tables I could think of where it would be relevant, including your personal list pages, the 'popular [anime/manga/etc]' pages, the recent recs and reviews, etc.

If you can think of a table on the site that should have this feature and it's not currently set up, please let me know as I can look into it!

Also, you'll notice there's a few things (like the love/hate buttons, and the 'i agree' button when browsing recent recs) which overlap on top of the sticky header. This is known but I don't think it's important enough to try to fix.

Hope you enjoy the feature! As always, if you appreciate this or other features please consider donating, as right now we're especially in need of funding to try to fix the recent server woes.
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