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Default Re: Any developers out there interested in donating your time?


I'm interested in helping out.

My day-job is projectmanager/php developer.
I have 6 year exp. in php development and front-end development.
The last 8 months, I've been conceptualizing, setting up frameworks and implementing adaptive design websites. ( Using several responsive design technologies, and server side scripting including images handling with imagick and the use of icon-fonts ).
Speed optimisation is one of the thing I love to thinker with, new-relic is a real life saver for that matter. (server side)
I'm skilled with git.

I love design, and I have a keen eye for user interface design, but I'm not a designer at any lengths. I have a brought knowledge of seo, sea and e-commerce marketing but chose not to be consulted about this in my spare time.
I don't have a clue about social media integration.

With kind regards,

Edit: as it seems you use mongo for at least the feed widget, it might be worth mentioning that i've been using that for a while to.

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