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Default New feature: view most popular season anime (want to watch, watching, dropped counts)

We've just launched a new mini-feature based on a community suggestion by Chad28

Chad suggested adding functionality to view the user stats on the season page, so he could get an idea of what the most popular 'want to watch' series are before a season comes out. This seemed like a neat idea and I know the season pages are very popular, so I've just added in three fields on any page with season info:

-want to watch count
-watching count
-dropped count

Some cool demos:

Top 'watching' series for Spring 2013

Top 'want to watch' series for Summer 2013

I'm sure W2W will be most helpful for seasons that haven't aired yet, while watching/dropped will become more useful once a series is airing. I know the table is pretty squished, once we redesign the site I'll make things look better. :) I also realize that synonyms make things look a little weird, we'll take that into consideration when redesigning too.

I do really want to overhaul the season pages in general to be a lot more interesting, with maybe more stats on what people are watching, ability to vote on seasonal 'awards', etc. Lots of thoughts in mind!

I'd also like to add the 'hover over the title' thing sometime soon so you can see a cover image for unaired stuff, and synops once series start airing and such. We might also be able to remove the year/type columns for the season pages for now, as those could output in the hover. But that's a conversation for another time!

Hope you enjoy the feature, and thanks to Chad for the suggestion!
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