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Default Re: New feature: bigger character images!

Originally Posted by sothis View Post
not sure what this is in reference to - only a very small handful of mods have either stepped down or been removed since the initial group years ago (when there weren't many guidelines and it was more of a first pass situation), and many new mods have been added onboard. the team hasn't significantly shrunk nor has it lost a lot of mods.
Most of the mods you removed were mostly inactive anyways. Even i wasn't that active around the time i left. I was more referring to the long gap between finding new mods that occurred.

Redneck always had solid submissions when i was a mod. Along with him and a couple of other good submitters you've gotten a good crop of people that could be trained lately. Good luck. Have fun

Edit: ....hmmm, i don't know why. But the banana isn't dancing in FF20 for whatever reason. I open Chrome and it's fine though. I'll submit a bug report if this persists. I'll clear out my cache tomorrow and re-check.

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