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Default Re: New feature: bigger character images!

Originally Posted by Garyuu View Post
I'm hoping we will be better at adding characters.

Help Needed: Verify these Character Submissions! - Anime-Planet forum

I don't think there should be 37 pages. I don't know how much time I spent getting pictures, and adding characters to only get it added to this board. It just gets buried to never been seen again. Last time I added all of the major characters to Space Symphony Maetel. None of them were added.
The problem is, we have to personally verify everything that goes through. The other problem is we all have lives outside of AP. I'm barely able to keep up with the series I actively work on at times, personally.

That doesn't mean it'll never happen though. That's all just stuff we couldn't deal with at the moment. Sometimes we sweep through and try to take care of some stuff. But without having seen a series, it's really hard to verify information.

Still. We do what we can. And it'll be easier to verify images on characters who already have images, as it's really something we already have, just upgraded, so to speak.
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