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Default Re: Any developers out there interested in donating your time?

Originally Posted by emed795 View Post
I'd also be interested in helping out. Got to get my AP app somehow even if I need to help write it :)

I'm primarily a C# dev with an emphasis on client side XAML development on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. On the backend I've worked with MVC 4 and Web API. I've also done some Sys Admin work standing up and deploying VMs in both Azure IaaS and Amazon EC2 for what it's worth.

You pretty much get to do a bit of everything when you work at a startup :p
woo Hi5! I work with C# too XD I also do a bit of everything :P Officially I'm a Software Developer but I also work as a System Administrator, Database Administrator and 2nd line IT Support too. I think I need a pay rise We also didn't like Windows 8 and Server 2012 so were sticking windows 7 and server 2008 R2. Were also going Android rather than windows phone when I get round to it. We use VMware for our virtual environment but as we have a Microsoft agreement were looking at HyperV to save money.

Unfortunately it probably means I'm not going to be much help working on PHP. I've been meaning to learning it as I have two PHP sites to maintain and eventually develop but I've just been neglecting them for other projects. Although I guess it could give me the push to actually learn it, probably wouldn't take too long as with all other languages I've picked up.

What I can offer is my knowledge which will be cross platform so HTML 5, CSS3, SQL queries, Javascript + JQuery, AJAX, SEO, yslow + page speed ranks (although I know more about IIS optimization for these mainly). I have used github and git and i'm getting back into it but I'm not amazing with all the branching side of it.

Anyway you already know me as a character mod so you know where you can find me Sothis

How to add/edit characters on AP

Anime Planet Steam Group

Guide to free Steam Games

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