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Default Re: Any developers out there interested in donating your time?

I'm no expert in any single thing development wise, but I've at least touched on a lot of what you ask for and would gladly help out where I can. I'll soon have a bachelor's in Computer Science, during which I've worked some with mobile applications and web development. My thesis will include a web+mobile app project which will be used by painting companies all over Sweden, if they like it that is =P. I haven't used overly much object-oriented PHP in my projects, but I am very interested in learning more of this.
I have a bit of experience of working with adding features to an existing object-oriented PHP code base though, I had to do that during an Anime convention where they needed stuff added to their check-in system, but the guy who made the system was bedridden with the flu xD It wasn't super major stuff though, but still.
As for optimized code, I've had some courses involving such things but I've never really stress tested the code I produce in "every day coding" so to speak.
Anyway, I've flagged my interest, if you want to know anything more before making a decision if I'm useful you know where to find me. ;D


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