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Default Any developers out there interested in donating your time?

Over the years a lot of you have generously offered to write code for the site - since we don't have a public API and some other internal hassles about opening up the codebase to community members, this hasn't been possible.

I'm also just one person, and would like to be able to work with you guys to get features up quicker. There's plenty of things that I'd like to add to AP that could be coded without core repository access (as they are modular, or could be class-based and then I could update it to work with our DB, etc). Also, sometimes I'm looking to figure out the best way to build things and things would be really sped up to have a group of volunteers that could brainstorm together on what's the best solution. (for example, I've wasted weeks on facebook opengraph integration because of a few irritating issues - if someone on AP is skilled with that stuff, I could have chatted with you and gotten this launched awhile ago)

I'm going to have a github account set up with private repositories and figure I could piggyback on that and set up a project for this group of volunteers - it would be private because it would be AP code, if eventually there's a public API I'd make a public repository.

If you're one of those kind developers who had been interested in helping out, please let me know here (and what things you're especially skilled at) as I'm looking to gauge interest in the project. :) I'd like to find people skilled in various areas (not necessarily all areas for one person), such as object-oriented PHP, postgresql, facebook/other API integrations, mobile stuff, etc. Since this will be put on AP and given our already prevalent server woes I'm looking for folks who are very skilled at writing optimized, badass code.

You'd get a 'volunteer developer' type of badge (once I create it) and my eternal gratitude! Plus shoutouts when stuff launches :)

Thanks as always for your support of AP, I'm hoping by taking code/development 'donations' we'll get a lot of stuff up frequently and quickly :D
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