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Default Re: Activity feed is temporarily off of the profiles, and a warning about upcoming is

Originally Posted by Garyuu View Post
I don't know if it's related, but now that it is temporarily down, the site seems to be loading so much faster now (especially my profile).
I have noticed my page loads quickly again, i used to have it go slow and just assumed its because its rather packed with images and content but it could of been the activity feed i guess.
Its a shame seeing problems with the feed (especially if it was behind the slower profiles) because i actually quite liked the feature, ok i guess it lets you spy on people (good laugh xD) but its nice when you and someone are watching a anime at same time (kind of like with the anime buddies) so you can keep in line but anyways its only gone temporary non the less.
Best of luck with fixing any problems and as always thanks for maintaining the site so well :)
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