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Default Re: Activity feed is temporarily off of the profiles, and a warning about upcoming is

I think it's time to temporarily remove the activity feed entirely. The damned thing seems to have exploded, making it impossible to set/change statuses, and going to a person page only loads the page about halfway,then gives:
( ! ) Fatal error: Could not connect to mongo database. in /home/anime/libs/classes/activityfeed.php on line 32
Call Stack
# Time Memory Function Location
1 0.2243 4869072 {main}( ) ../entry.php:0
2 0.5279 6042136 include( '/home/anime/templates/people_entry_feed.php' ) ../entry.php:69
3 0.5289 6386144 ActivityFeed::filter( ) ../people_entry_feed.php:9
4 0.5290 6386648 ActivityFeed::get_mongo( ) ../activityfeed.php:309
5 0.5350 6396080 user_error ( ) ../activityfeed.php:32
..and stops before loading the love/hate selector (which probably wouldn't work anyway, since statuses don't).

edit: It seems that the statuses actually do change, but the page stays on that loading/connecting status, making it seem like it doesn't change.
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