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Default Re: Thinking of removing blog functionality

I honestly didn't even know we -had- blogs on here, which I think shows how much I care about the things. :P So personally, I wouldn't mind seeing them go.

That being said, I do like the idea of limiting the users who can use the feature. Now I don't mean just a blanket "ok these people can use blogs and the rest can't" kind of thing, as that would be bad for new users that would like to use it. But maybe there could be some sort of application process, and then you put someone in charge of reviewing these applications and approving/denying people into the system.
The actual application could contain questions like what they intend to use the feature for and whatnot.

I think this way, you can still have the select few people that use it right posting as they want, and you get no more spam from even legit users just to get a badge.

Oh and also, if you do intend to keep it, please do rename it something else. "blog" is such a massive buzzword for bots that it just attracts more and more of them. Name it something clever, yet descriptive.
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